Although this is a piece of creative fiction, all our ideas are researched! Click on the links here to find out more about the various happenings we reference in The Semoga Times:

  1. Did you know that 2018 is Singapore’s Climate Action Year?
  2. Climate Defence announced as sixth pillar of total defence
  3. Jen & Berries Save Our Swirled: Mess Extinction
  4. ASEAN to create new climate visa for individuals displaced by climate change
  5. BRIEFING: The environment in 2018
  6. Greendulgence residences
  7. After long campaign by nature groups, Cross Island MRT line to be constructed around Central Catchment Nature Reserve
  8. I am not plastic
  9. BRIEFING: What you need to know about SGP2024
  10. A Small Spat During the Launch of SGP 2024
  11. Turn any idle asset into money-making capital!
  12. GIC announces new transparency measures, green investing guidelines; Temasek to follow suit
  13. Consortium of mobile phone manufacturers adopts new standards against ‘planned obsolescence’, e-waste.
  14. Lead Singer, Chris Martin, from Coldplay seen picking up trash alongside festivalgoers
  15. Food Picks: pop-up restaurant Ugly Veg a hit amongst locals
  16. Make shoppers aware of palm oil’s consequences through first-hand exposure
  17. Xiayu

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