We do not want this to be a one-way dialogue. There are three ways you can contribute!

The first is a reader submissions section. If you liked what you saw, we invite you to write your own content, and if we like it, we’ll put it up under our very own Reader’s Contributions section! If we do not put it up… then you can always post it in the comments section.

The second is a feedback form where you can message us directly with your thoughts! We are very open to constructive feedback, and would love to hear from you about what we did well, and what we could do better.

The third is a free-for-all message board where anyone can post anything in response to our paper, open for the world to see. Although anonymity often unleashes the ugliest sides of humanity, we will allow you to remain anonymous given that we are anonymous ourselves. We just ask that you please try not to give humanity too bad an image.