Who are you?

We are Singaporeans.


Why are you doing this?

Climate change demands bold solutions. To create and build support for bold solutions, you need bold visions. To have bold visions, you need people doing the envisioning. This is our attempt to envision a future we believe in.

It is a deeply powerful exercise. We encourage everyone to do the same. Singapore doesn’t lack visionaries — they just haven’t been heard yet. Let’s change that.


Is this fake news?

No. This is a satirical publication. We mark that out clearly on our front page. If you like this kind of local content, you’ll probably also enjoy New Nation, Rice Media, and the work of artists like Sonny Liew and Leslie Chew.


Is climate change really that urgent?

Yes. Check out our Resources section for more details on how climate change will affect Singapore, Southeast Asia and the world.


Your solutions seem unrealistic. Has anyone even done any of these things before?

Yes. Many ideas in this publication have been successfully implemented or are being seriously explored somewhere in the world. Climate refugee visas? See here. Zero-waste cities? See here. Details of each idea, sources for our inspiration and further reading can be found in the Resources section.


What’s up with the Forum section? And the weird names in the articles? And the ads?

We wanted to have some fun, really, and create some opportunities for humour. Singaporean forum letters tend to be a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoyed the little jokes we put in!


I found this interesting and I have some feedback about the publication.

Fantastic! We’d love to hear from you. Tell us how you felt about this publication — did you like it? Did it work for you? What could we have changed or improved? We’ve built a feedback form that you should totally take. You can find it under the Feedback section.